Mining Rig, Room, And Farm Cooling Ideas

Getting your mining rigs room temperatures under control in the summer can be a frustrating task for sure. However, with these cooling ideas in which I’m about to share with you, I was able to achieve the impossible by keeping 26 eth mining rigs running stable all summer long in a metal building without AC.

What’s the best way to keep a mining rig cool? Inline fans and flexible ductwork can make a very efficient cooling solution for most mining rigs as AC units should be considered costly in most cases. In addition to ventilation, further miner configuration settings such as voltage and fan speeds can be used to reduce mining room temperatures even further.

The importance of finding a cool, dry location to run your mining rigs is imperative to your crypto money-making success and so I wanted to go more in-depth about what I’m personally doing at both my farms that’s worked wonders in controlling my heat issues without the need of an AC unit.

How To Keep A Mining Room Cool

My first Mining Rig Room I ever built was actually under my house a few years back when S9 Antminer’s were crushing the Bitcoin mining scene.

I started by running one in my spare bedroom to see what the madness was all about and soon realized these machines were never designed to run inside living quarters spaces.

With four more S9’s from China and enough Rx 580s to build two 6 card eth rigs on the way, I had to come up with a solution and quick.

After brainstorming for a while, the idea of building a separate small room in my crawl space seemed like the perfect solution as it stays cool even in the summer months.

crypto miner cave
Airflow moves from left to right due to the asic miners being located on the right side which draw air in naturally while mining bitcoin.

As you can see in the picture, I have the S9 Antminers on the right which pull cold air in from the crawl space through the room and exhaust out the back through all the rigs channel into one duct which exhausts the hot air outside where it can then dissipate.

If you look in this picture, I even went and took the liberty of adding two additional inline fans on the exhaust side of the system to help further aid the S9 Antminers in exhausting hot air. 1×6″ and 1×8″ inline duct fan.

To attach the ductwork to the S9’s, as you see in the picture, you’ll need to order 4-inch duct shrouds which fit perfectly on the back of the S9.

Once those were attached, I manage to duct them all into one 8 inch exhaust pipe with a series of different y ducts and couplers which you can purchase at just about any home depot or lowes.

After two years my machines are still running strong, and I’ve rarely have had any problems at all in maintaining those rigs as they never really crash unless the power goes out.

My only two improvements I would add at this point would be sound barrier to prevent noise travel into the house and add in a valve which would allow me to point the exhausted hot air under the house in hopes to heat my hardwood floors in the winter.

26 GPU Mining Farm Cooling

This next build I must admit I don’t know what I was thinking, but after getting the itch for mining crypto, I decided to go big this time and build an 18’x20′ metal mining shop. Not only did I go big on buying the shop but also spent the next three months buying enough GPU’s to build 26 mining rigs.

Once I got the structure set up my buddy, who is an electrician, wired up the inside with a 200 amp main and then it finally time to get to work installing a 1000cfm gable vent fan.

Mining Grow Tent 10×10 with a 3000 cfm gable vent fan and dual 12 inch inline fans on top of the tent.
10×10 grow tent with dual 12-inch ducts in the back ceiling which ties into the gable vent fan to exhaust outside. However at the time of this picture the additional 12-inch fan wasn’t installed yet.

At the time I didn’t want to spend the extra money insulating the inside, so I decided to skimp which in hindsight was my biggest mistake. Even though my building gets a decent amount of shade, it still has a few hours in the morning and after 5 pm till 9 pm which I way underestimated.

Turns out once you get past a certain amount of mining rigs in your farm it becomes another mistake to pack them in a grow tent. At the time I thought the tent could cut down on dust, but it had many hot spots with the doors shut, so I peeled the doors back to let the rigs breathe more.

Initially, I started with the gable vent fan, but once the grow tent idea came to play, I decided to tie in 2 more 12-inch fans which exhaust hot air from the top of the tent into a 12-inch duct. From there they tie in together through a 12-inch y duct and then it all final ties into the gable fan and exhausts out the back.

After adding in all those fans, you would think that it would be enough to cool my shop, but my rigs had so many issues the first summer that I knew I had to do something else.

So at the start of the next spring, I came up the idea of adding in an additional 12-inch air vent to intake air. However, instead of placing the vent on the sunny side of the building I installed it on the shaded side of my shop.

My idea was I would take and daisy chain 2 12 inch fans to draw lots of cool fresh air by just using the north side of the shop which has tons of shade.

After that, I ended up doing some more research into UV heat reflecting coatings and was able to find a source made for metal. The only reason I looked into this was due to the enormous heat radiating from the metal siding which was transferring into my rigs.

During the daytime, the heat coming off that roof alone was around 130 degrees Fahrenheit before I applied the UV coating. Product reviews from all the way in Guam reported how well this stuff worked on roofs and the company even swears it keeps metal surfaces at ambient temperature even under extreme conditions of direct sunlight.

Shutup and take my money…

After seeing good results from coating my roof, I now want the whole south side of my miner shops exterior coated to see if I can shave a few more degrees. In addition to that Ill be adding in 1/2 inch insulation sheets to the southside wall to ensure no more outside sources of heat are transferring inside.

Mining Rig Cooling In The Summer

Another trick you can do to manage heat is by optimizing your rigs software and hardware settings.

For AMD cards you can lower your card’s voltage with tools like wattman which cuts back on the cards energy consumption and lowers temps.

If you’re using Nvidia, you have to lower the cards power limit with MSI Afterburner.

Fan settings are another great way to manage rig heat. Using tools like MSI Afterburner allows you to set multiple profiles for winter and summer. Another nice feature about MSI AB is the ability to create individual fan profiles which is great if you have one card that runs warmer.

Depending on the mining software your rigs operate on there are additional settings inside which can control each GPU’s temperatures. Miners like Claymore allow you to set temperature ranges for your hardware to operate within.

Example: If I add the commands -tstart 65 -tstop 69 at the end of my Bat file in Claymore then my cards stop mining at 69 degrees and start back up at 65 degrees. Be sure to check out each miner’s Read Me documentation as the parameters to adjust card temps vary from miner to miner.

Mining Grow Tents

All right so as you can see in the picture of my attempt to handle dust with a 10×10 grow tent was a bad idea for my situation.

To be quite honest if it were in a basement or much cooler environment it would work wonders but for 26 Eth rigs in a metal shop in with hot summers, not such a good idea.

Now if I were mining inside a house with 2 or 3 rigs, then I would use a grow tent and place it near a window where I could circulate the air through the tent and out the window.

A couple of tips for this, if you do decide to use a tent, be sure to put the intake duct where the air comes into the tent at the bottom so it can work its way up into the rigs.

Moreover, you want to make sure you have enough cFm on your fan to create a negative draw meaning your tent should suck in when everything is closed up.

SIDENOTE: If your mining inside a home then you may want to look into these quieter fans, but they do cost more for the convenience.

Mining Rig Cooling

Attaching extra fans to your mining rigs frame is another excellent way to get heat out from between your cards quickly. As I said before the faster you get the heat away from your rigs, the more efficient they become.

Most of the auxiliary fans I use at my farm are San Ace or Silverstone as they tend to move a decent amount of air. One thing I would mention is to try not to go to cheap on computer fans as some don’t move any air at all and you’ll just be wasting your money.

You can get these cool fan splitter boards that add in more fans ports without needing all the extra long cables which makes it nice for when you’re trying to chain them together. However, you will need a spare 4 pin Molex cable to power on the board for multiple fan configurations. 

If you have any more questions or found some better solutions than the one mentioned here please comment below. Additionally, check out our guide on the best fans for mining rigs for more cooling solutions.

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