DIY Mining Rig Frame With Dimensions Included

diy mining rig frames

If you’re looking into building your mining rig frames, then check this guide with dimensions, where we share our DIY plans on how to build one.

One thing I like about building my mining rig frames is the fact I can customize them in any I want if I need to from 6 GPU to 13 GPUs and even more if I decide to scale the original blueprint.

Another thing I like about this DIY design plan is the fact that its open-air which for my farm’s situation seems to work best. I’m not saying that closed-air cases are terrible either it is a case by case situation.

I will say that 90% of the mining rig frames being sold are junk with cheap fans that won’t keep your cards cool at all(yeah I bought one). Some will even be very loose-fitting and fall apart the second you pick them up. Additionally to get a decent frame most times you have to spend more money than what it cost to build it yourself and I’m a DIY kind of guy so to me this was the perfect project.

In this guide, I’ll cover the parts needed to build the frame and each step needed in detail so you can follow along with helpful pictures. I also will provide some mining rig case recommendations that are on my wishlist and some aux fans you can use for additional cooling.

diy mining rig frames material

Steps To Build Mining Rig Frame

Before we begin, there’s a list of materials and tools you will need to complete this project. As for where to buy the stuff go to your local Lowes or Home Depot store. However, the fans are optional which I’ll talk about more at the end of this guide.

DIY Mining Rig Frame Parts

  • One small box 1” self-tapping screws
  • 12’ of ¾” X ¾” aluminum angle iron
  • 12’ of 1” X 3” untreated wood
  • A few Zip ties for fans(optional)
  • 2 X SANYO San Ace 120 Server Fans(optional)

Tools Needed

  • Grinder or Chop Saw
  • Wood Saw
  • Side Cutters
  • Drill
diy mining rig frames wood and metal

Step1: Cut The Parts To Size

Alright, let’s get started with the first step which is to cut wood and aluminum to the lengths needed to build the frame. This will be for a 6 GPU rig. However, I want to mention again; it’s straightforward to scale this design into whatever size you need. It’s important to give each GPU some space to breathe so I like to give a few inches between them.

Material Cut Lengths

  • Four pcs @ 12 inches aluminum angle
  • Two pcs @ 22 inches aluminum angle
  • Six pcs @ 15 ⅞” inches wood
  • One pcs @ 21 ⅞” inches wood
diy mining rig frames step 1

Step 2: Screw-In The Base

In this step, you need four screws and two of the 22-inch pieces of aluminum plus 2 of the 15 ⅞” pcs of wood. Make sure when installing the screws to stay away from the edges so the next pcs can overlap without the screws getting in the way.

diy mining rig frame mount motherboard to wood step 3

Step 3: Measure For MOBO Support

Now before can install the other two 15 ⅞” pcs of wood, to finish the base, we must measure over six ⅝” inches and 11 ⅝’ inches pulling from left to right. The reason I choose these exact measurements is to allow enough clearance for the CPU fans four pins to attach it to the motherboard. Once you have those two boards at those measurements install one self-tapping screw(four total) into the middle of each end of the pcs of wood to secure them in place.

diy mining rig frame step 3

Step 4: Attach The Side Supports

Now using the four 12” inch pcs of the aluminum angle we can begin to build the side supports of the frame. Go ahead and use one self-tapping screw per pcs to hold each aluminum angle supports in place.

diy mining rig frames step 4

Step 5: Attach The Handles

Using the last two pcs of 15 ⅞” wood and four more screws we can install the side handles which are perfect for carrying the rig from. Go ahead and use one screw on each side but leave an inch clearance down from the top so the next pcs can easily overlap.

diy mining rig frame step 5

Step 6: Attach GPU Supports

Using the 21 ⅞” pcs of wood and tape measure pull down from the top of the frame four ⅛” and install one screw on each side. This is the support brace the GPU will rest up against. I know some frames have an under support but, to be honest, it’s not needed. In fact, I like it better as you can get underneath the GPU and swap risers in a hurry if you have to.

diy mining rig frame step 6

Step 7: To install the fans I pre-drilled some holes into an aluminum angle; however depending on the cards you may want to rearrange them. That’s the beauty of this design though is you can customize it however you need to like in my 6 GPU RX 580 build below, where I installed the fans in the front to get better cooling.

All in all, I’m pleased with the decision to build my own frames vs. buying them. The only way I’d even consider buying one is if I were only building a few rigs, but again most of the good ones are a little expensive.

Best Mining Rig Frames To Buy

Ok so here’s the deal I understand that most people will not want to go the route I did so I will voice some opinions of mining rig frames I wished I had. Meaning If I had to buy frames these are the ones I would buy. As for the sources I always like to use Amazon and NewEgg to ensure I get the best prices, shipping, and return policies.

VEDHHA is a leader in making the most affordable mining rig frames around and is one of the most popular frames to buy. It comes in both 6 and 8 GPU sizes with aux fans included. I also like that it comes with a mounting plate for the motherboard and is stackable up to four frames high to save on space. Although it’s not as feature-rich as some of the other frames out there, I feel it’s a great bang for the buck.

Hydra mining rig frames do cost a bit more, but you get what you pay for when you buy them. These rig cases not only look really cool but come loaded with awesome features for mining. Some of the main things I really about them are that they have a special cooling design and cutouts for cable management. However, fans are not included with these frames so you will need to have a budget in for them.

If you’re looking to go the closed air route, then you’ll need to go with a 6 U size case. Out of all the ones out there I would say Hydra II and Roswill make the best. Both can handle up to 8 GPU with dual PSU slots and front and back cutouts for six server fans. So if you have pets or are worry about dust getting into your hardware, these can be a great solution plus they do stack up nicely. The downside is you will need six powerful fans to keep all the cards constantly circulating fresh air so budget for it accordingly.

Best Fans And Fan Splitter Boards

Adding fans wasn’t as popular when I first started mining as they are today; however, I realized back when I first started that there a must-have on just about any rig. You see GPU fans were never meant to be left running 24/7 at high speeds for years at a time. Plus in the summer if your climates temps are warm, your gonna need them regardless. Unfortunately there no such thing as a good cheap fan so your gonna have to spend some money to get anything powerful enough for mining.  

Surprising enough Hydra has a great 120mm fan made to go with there cases, but they could be used with or without them. One thing I look at when buying these style fans is making sure there CFM is rating high with enough amperage to power them as well. As it stands, these could be the best bang for your buck when it comes to quality, performance, and price.

If you can find these NOCTUA 120mn fans at a decent price, they make an awesome second option as well. What makes these so valuable is there powerful yet quieter than most fans out in the market today. Quiet fans can definitely be worth the extra cost if your ears are susceptible to constant noises or maybe your mining indoors and want to keep things cool but low key.

Ok, you got fans down now, but you need some way to power them without using up all the MOBO fan ports(not recommended). Technically a couple is fine to power off the MOBO but once you get past two fans is where the real problem lies. This is were these fan hub boards come in handy as they have more than enough 4 pin ports and are power directly from the power supply via 15-pin SATA. The adapter comes with an additional cable to connect to the motherboard for further fan control speeds as well.

If you do use these adapters, I highly recommend you get some fan cables to go with them in case you need to install fans further away from than normal. On a final note, I wanted to leave this one last little tip for those of you still reading.

To save some extra money on fans, you can buy them in bulk off of eBay. Some of the top brands that I buy off there are SAN ACE or Silver Stone which are some of the best ones you can get, however, you will have to place bids and hope you’re lucky enough to win.

It was a pleasure creating this guide, so I hope it helps out some new miners. Whether you decide to build your own or buy I don’t think you can go wrong with either option. If you have any questions, please feel free to join our discord for further assistance.

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