Does Ram Matter For Mining?

best ram for mining

When it comes to choosing the RAM for your mining rig yes there are some factors to take into consideration.

RAM(random access memory) is basically your computers short term memory storage so that it can readily access information needed to run applications faster. As a rule of thumb the more applications you plan on running on your device the more RAM is required to maintain fast response time from the computer.

Does RAM matter for mining? This size of RAM you use on your mining machine does not have a direct impact on mining performance in most cases. However, there are some guidelines such as minimum OS requirements and motherboard form factor that must be followed to ensure your mining rig runs stable.  

So in this guide, I will discuss and answer(to the best of my knowledge) some of the more common questions that get asked from newcomers looking to start building their own mining rigs.

ram mining

Is 4gb Ram Enough For Mining

The size of RAM you will need will ultimately depend on the operating system you choose to run your mining machine on. Some miners claim that 4GB is big enough to run Windows 10 while some say get the 8GB and thank your self later.

As for my honest opinion, I say get the 8GB over the 4GB when it comes to Windows 10 and for a few good reasons. The main reason being that if you choose to skimp on RAM you may be faced with lag issues that can make your operating system run slow.

For example, let’s say you installed 4GB of RAM on Win10 and you want to open MSI afterburner at the same time your rig is mining Ethereum. You may notice that the program takes forever to open or is sluggish and that’s because of the mining software and many behind the scenes processes that Win10 runs are maxing out the RAM capabilities.

Although this problem may sound small to some miners it can be real time consuming when managing multiple rigs, especially when trying to overclock and change out mining software.

As for Linux based mining operating systems, it appears 2 to 4GB is optimal but I again I say get the 4GB.

So as it stands for max performance 8GB on Win10 and 4GB on Linux and 4GB on Win 10 and 2GB on Linux for those who wish to risk it in hopes to save on costs is what it all boils down to. However, it’s not that much more to get the upgraded version in my mind for the added benefits.

On a final note, the one and only time I can think of that RAM can directly affect mining hashrates is in the instance of AMD Vega cards used in mining as they required 8GB to unlock mining optimization features.

DDR3 or DDR4 for Mining

Again this does not affect the overall hashrate and performance of the mining rig as some might think but it still plays an important role in your mining rigs success. DDR3 and DDR4 refer to the form factor required by your mining rigs motherboard.

ddr4 ram

Meaning the if your motherboard requires a DDR3 RAM form factor then you will need to buy DDR3 RAM to ensure that it will fit into your motherboards RAM slot.

The one thing I want to add is most newer mining motherboards require a DDR4 form factor size as most were recently designed within the last year or so. However, DDR4 can become out of stock in a hurry from time to time so it’s nice to have options like DDR3 as some of the older motherboards still used in mining can fit DDR3.

Best Ram For Mining Rig

As for some of the best brands of RAM sticks used in mining rigs, there are quite a few decent brands to pick and choose from. Again just make sure you mining rigs motherboard supports the form factor.

Amazon and Newegg are my favorite trusted sources that I will be linking to so be sure look at both options to shop and compare. As for which RAM stick is the best one to get I’m a huge fan of whatever is on sale.

I will tell you that after building and operating hundreds of mining rigs over the last few years I have had the pleasure of trying several different manufacturers just to realize there’s not much difference if any at all. I guess, at best, there is the argument that some RAM sticks are more attractive than others but as my old construction boss used to say “we’re not building a church”.  

Really what it boils down to is finding the best deal between Amazon or Newegg to fit your budget needs. With that said the list of best RAM used for mining is as follows.

crucial ddr4 8gb

Crucial has been in the computer part making business for years and is considered a brand of Micron memory. Comes in 4 and 8 GB sizes as well as DDR3 and 4 form factors. Commonly in stock at affordable prices most times making them a favorite in my farm. Although if you’re looking for the aesthetically pleasing RAM sticks this might fall under the ugly category, but I don’t really care as long it can do the job so to me they’re perfect.

Check Amazon For Availability and Pricing

gskill ddr4 8gb

G.SKILL is another popular brand that’s been around for quite some time now and is another I like to use in my mining rig builds. One thing for sure its alot more esthetically pleasing then Crucial version but again that’s not as important as its price. In Addition, it too comes in DDR3 and 4 form factors and 4 to 8 GB versions as well.

Check Amazon for availability and pricing

ddr4 8gb mining

Kingston is another popular brand with its hyper fury series making some serious buzz across the mining scene as its affordable and futuristic looking LOL. I must admit they do look cool but I don’t use them all that often as their prices were higher back when I needed the parts.

Check Amazon for availability and pricing

corsair ddr4 8gb

Corsair is a top leader in the computer parts industry and is known for its top-notch durable power supplies when it comes to mining. So its only natural they would have higher end RAM to go with it. Though again it’s not necessary unless you’re wanting to make your mining rig look cool then the Corsair Vengeance with RGB lighting is the best option. It’s also the most expensive so be careful to not go over your budget.

Check Amazon for availability and pricing

Remember you can use two 4GB sticks to make 8GB total but don’t mix one brand or version with another as it can cause major problems with your system performance and even hardware failure.  

Other Related Questions

Does the CPU affect GPU mining? If the miner is only GPU mining then a Celeron or Pentium processors will work just fine. However, if the miner is looking to CPU mine while at the same time GPU mine there could be some bottlenecking issues with lower end CPUs. So its best to decide beforehand.

Does Overclocking Improve Mining? Yes, overclocking can improve the mining performance of your computer’s hardware. However, overclocking computer hardware can void any manufacturers warranties you may have had when you purchased the item. Nonetheless, lots of miners have successfully optimized their mining rigs this way so just make sure you’re careful in doing so.  

If you have any questions or have anything you would like to add then please drop a comment below. We love hearing from crypto enthusiasts from all around the globe.

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