Best GPU For Mining In 2021: (Ultimate Guide)

Best GPU For Mining

Finding the best GPU for mining can be challenging with all the video cards on the market to pick and choose from. The fact is that when it comes to choosing the best graphic card for the purpose of mining, the answer can be different depending on the users’ goals and budget.

For example, the best GPU for mining Ethereum differs from the best mining GPU for ROI. Additionally, the best GPU for mining Bitcoin has a totally different answer.  

So without further ado, we wanted to create this guide to help answer all these commonly asked questions around this topic. But before we reveal the best GPU for crypto mining, let us cover some basics of cryptocurrency mining, which ties in with how we selected the mining hardware recommendations.

Be sure to stick around to the end as we reveal our favorite mining GPU from the list and our favorite cheap GPU for mining.

The Basics Of Cryptocurrency Mining

Mining Cryptocurrencies involves the use of computers to solve repetitive math problems for verifying transactions and finding new coins. This is commonly referred to as finding or solving blocks, and it’s also known as hashing. The lucky miners or mining pool that correctly solves each complex equation first gets rewarded for their work. Miners can increase their chances of success by using faster chipsets or by adding more processing power to the network.  

Currently, as it stands, there are four classes of chipsets to use for mining cryptocurrencies, which are central processing unit(CPU), graphical processing unit(GPU), application-specific integrated circuit(ASIC), and field-programmable gate array(FPGA). To learn more about the differences between these forms of mining hardware, check out our beginner’s guide to crypto mining. 

At the beginning back in 2009, Bitcoin was the only coin you could mine using nothing more than a laptop or desktop with a CPU. However, it was long after that someone discovered that GPUs were faster and more efficient than CPU for this purpose and so CPU mining Bitcoin with a laptop was laid to rest. However, it wasn’t long after that GPU mining Bitcoin was faced with the same dilemma when ASIC miners took over the Bitcoin scene. 

This doesn’t mean that GPU or CPU mining is dead; it just means you have to mine different coins with this type of chipset. For more details on the current state of Bitcoin, GPU, and CPU mining these days, check out some of our other guides. Also, if you’re looking for ways to earn Bitcoin with GPU, then check out our GPU mining software to learn more.  

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Factors For Choosing A GPU For Mining

Now comes the nitty-gritty of how to choose a GPU for mining. As stated earlier, the best GPU for mining has a few different answers. However, we hope that by sharing these main key factors that this can help narrow down your choices and, more important, goals of what you’re trying to achieve. These main vital factors are as follows:


Most mining rigs get built with multiple GPUs for better performance. The cost of each GPU can vary from 150 to upwards of 1300 USD dollars, depending on the make and model of the video card. Our recommendation is to buy graphic cards somewhere in the middle for the best chance of ROI, although there is sound reasoning for going with a more expensive GPU. Keep reading to learn why.


The speed at which a GPU can mine gets measured in hashrate. GPU hashrate vary greatly depending on the type of graphics card and the coin algorithm utilized. Unless you’re looking only to mine a specific coin, we recommend buying a GPU that has a well-rounded hashrate across a wide array of hashing algorithms.

Power Consumption

GPU mining requires a lot of electricity, which will determine your operational mining costs. Additionally, a higher wattage GPU can produce more heat that will need to be exhausted. Our recommendation is going with a lower wattage to combat both of these issues. However, if you’re looking to get more hash power out of a confined space, then you may want to go with a higher wattage GPU as they tend to have a higher hashrate.  


Mining requires your GPU to perform under a constant load 27/4, which can cause your card to wear prematurely. To be clear, though, mining is no more harmful to your equipment than gaming is. In fact, we cover this topic in great detail in one of our other articles. Whether your gaming or mining with your GPU, make sure you get one with at least a 2-yr warranty.

AMD Or Nvidia

When it comes to choosing Nvidia or AMD, there is much debate to be had. The short answer is Nvidia as they tend to be more well rounded for most coins, but there are some hashing algorithms where AMD does seem to excel. However, AMD will require more skills and research to overclock to achieve better performance. Therefore we recommend you use Nvidia if you’re new to mining.  

Best GPU For Mining In 2021

UPDATE 2021: Due to the high demand for mining GPUs most of them are sold out. Here are a few in stock for mining coins like ethereum.

So now that you understand some of the primary critical factors for choosing the best bitcoin mining GPU for your mining needs let’s get started revealing the best ones to use. We scoured the internet high and low to curate this list and to make it as current as we can, so with that said, here are our top picks for you. 

RTX 1660 6 GB Ti

Out of all the cards out there currently, most miners would agree the 1660 Ti 6GB is the best GPU for mining. This is a newer released mining card made by Nvidia that uses DDR6 memory. What most miners like about this card is its priced to be affordable as it appears to around the same as the price the old 1060 6GB. 

However, this card seems to outperform Nvidia’s older model, the 1060 6GB, across a wide range of cryptocurrencies when it comes to mining. Additionally, miners like the fact that this card doesn’t use a lot of electricity as some of the other mining GPUs. 

What miners appear to like the least about this card is the fact that its only 6 GB, which means that it’s unable to mine specific hashing algorithms like the Cuckatoo31 that require 8 GB of memory.

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  • Low Wattage
  • Low Heat
  • Small Form Factor
  • Easy To Overclock
  • Well Rounded Hashrate


  • Only 6 GB of memory
  • Low Hashrate on Cryptonight Algo

Check out 1660 Ti 6 GB Mining Profitability and Hashrates here.

RTX 1660 6 GB

If you are looking for the best cheap GPU for mining, then the 1660 6GB from Nvidia just might be it. When you compare the cost of this card, it’s comparable to Nvidia’s 1050 Ti 4GB, meaning its extremely cost-effective. 

However, miners have reported that this card isn’t as powerful as the 1660 Ti 6GB when it comes to hash rate as it has fewer Cuda cores. But its power consumption is slightly less than the 1660 Ti, so if energy costs or circuit overloading is a primary concern for your operation, this might be a good option to look into. 

Much like the 1660 Ti, the primary concern is it’s only 6GB of memory, but it also has less mining performance when mining coins like ethereum. All in all, though, this a very cost-effective way to build a cheap mining rig. 

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  • Energy Efficient
  • Less Heat
  • Compact
  • Easy To Overclock


  • Only 6 GB of memory
  • Lower Hashrate than 1660 Ti
  • Low Hashrate on Ethereum

Check out 1660 6 GB Mining Profitability and Hashrates here.

RTX 2070 8 GB Super

In 2018 the Geforce 1070 8 GB card was voted one of the best GPUs on the market to get for mining. Now with the release of Nvidia RTX 2070 8 GB series, that’s all changed. This card cost is comparable to what you would pay when it comes to buying 1070 cards brand new. 

When it comes to mining hashrate, the RTX 2070 comes out ahead when compared to the old 1070 8 GB. However, the power consumption on this newer card seems to be slightly higher than the 1070 cards, which isn’t a total deal-breaker. 

What sets this card apart from all the other cards mentioned is the fact that it comes with ray tracing. To be clear though ray tracing has no benefit in terms of mining performance. What this boils down to is high-end gaming. So if you’re looking to build a cross-functional high-end gaming/mining rig, 2070 cards might be a good option. 

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  • Great For High End Gaming
  • High Hashrate
  • Higher Profits
  • Easy To Overclock


  • Not As Energy Efficient
  • Longer ROI Times
  • Cost More
  • Runs Hotter
  • Noisy Fans

Check out 2070 8 GB Super Mining Profitability and Hashrates here.

RTX 2060 6 GB Super

If your not looking to spend quite as much as what a 2070 8 GB super costs and don’t mind going to a lower memory bandwidth card, then the 2060 6 GB super could be your best option. Compared to 2070 cards, there only a few mega hashes difference When it comes to mining ethereum with the 2060 super. 

When it comes to power consumption for the 2060 super, there’s not a huge difference either when compared to 2070 cards. However, a lot of miners prefer 2070 GPUs over the 2060 super due to the fact you can etch out better mining performance across a broader range of hashing algorithms like Ravencoin to give an example. 

The critical factor here when it comes to buying the 2060 super is the price as it tends to be advertised around $100 dollar USD cheaper than the 2070 Super cards. All in all, still an excellent mining card if you cant or dont want to spend more. 

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  • High Hashrate
  • Easy To Overclock
  • Quiet Fans
  • Good for ETH mining
  • Affordable


  • Low Hashrate On Some Coins

Check out 2060 6 GB Super Mining Profitability and Hashrates here.

AMD Radeon VII 16GB

Last on our list is the AMD VII 16 GB card, which is currently the only AMD card on our list and for good reasons. This mining card is the highest hashrate mining GPU of all the ones mentioned here. The AMD VII can mine Ethereum at 90 m/Hs while drawing 250 watts from the wall once overclocked. 

However, keep in mind that with great power comes significant prices. With that said, miners claim this is the best GPU for mining ethereum. It also has 16 GB of memory, which enables this card to mine grin on the Cuckatoo31 hashing algorithm. 

The primary technical concern with this mining card is that it is a bit of a challenge to overclock and is extremely power-hungry, which means it creates more heat that will need to be dealt with. It’s also not as efficient at mining other algorithms as some of the other cards, so keep that in mind. All in all, a great card if money is not an issue and you like mining Ethash based coin like Ethereum and Ethereum classic.  

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  • Highest Hashrate On Eth
  • Higher daily profits


  • Hard to overclock
  • Power Hungry
  • Limited Mining Algorithms
  • Pricey
  • Runs Hotter

Check the AMD VII 16 GB Super Mining Profitability and Hashrates here.

The Top Recommended GPU For Mining In 2021

So now that we have revealed our list of the best GPU for mining, it’s time for us to unveil the top choice that we prefer the most. But before we get down to business, we shall cover how we came to this conclusion. As stated earlier on in our guide, we recommend going with a card that falls somewhere in the middle based on price, mining performance, and lastly, power consumption. Here is what fits the bill on all three factors. 

The 1660 Ti GB is our most preferred mining card out of all the ones listed here. The main factor for us if the fact that it can mine a wide range of cryptocurrencies at low wattage. The other significant factor is its priced just right so that it could achieve a faster ROI. You see, to us, mining is all about getting your investment back as quickly as possible, and we believe this mining card is best suited for that.

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A close second would be the 2060 6 GB card as it’s not that much more than a 1660 Ti 6 GB. However, when you factor in buying six or more of these to build a mining rig, things can quickly add up.

This concludes our guide on the best mining graphics cards for 2021. If you would like to be a part of our FB group where we can help you get started mining, then join using the link below. Furthermore, if you find a card that you feel deserves to be added to the list, then drop a comment below and let us know.  

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