How To Find New Coins To Mine

With all the new ASIC miners coming out these days I find myself wanting to find new coins to mine. However, I noticed there isn’t any single source to find new mineable crypto so I took the liberty of doing some research, and this what I discovered.

Top 5 websites to find new cryptocurrencies to mine:

  • Bitcointalk Announcements
  • Coin Market Cap
  • Reddit Search
  • PickAxe Mining Pool
  • Google Alerts and Search

With all the new ASIC miners coming out some GPU miners are looking into to mining newer cryptocurrencies while the coins mining difficulty is low and block rewards are high.

Using this strategy requires some miner software configuration as well as the ability to develop further research into whether the currency has a stable future.

As more ASIC chipsets are designed to mine other cryptocurrencies, newer ASIC resistant algorithms are being added to ensure GPU mining still has a future. Coins like Raven Coin and Lux Coin seem to be some of the more popular exotic coins to mine currently.

Top 5 Places to Find New Pow Coins.

Bitcointalk Announcements- Bitcointalk ANN has been pretty much the internet Mecca for cryptocurrency in general. When looking through these forums, you’ll want to keep your eyes out for the words PoW or Proof of Work which is code for mineable coin in case you were wondering.

Be sure to read through the thread and check out the comments. Most times links to the coins mining pools, wallets, and the project’s chat should be in the main thread.

If you scroll down further into the coin’s main thread and start seeing negative comments and poorly handled questions, then that may be a queue to move on.

Check out this link to Bitcointalk ANN for New Coins and be sure to save the link as it updates daily for new thread posts. 

Coin Market Cap-Is more commonly used by day Traders for market analysis but we applied a few filters to the search engine and were able to generate a list of the top 100 coins per market cap that are mineable.

Please keep in mind that some of these coins are being mined through ASIC, so further research into the currencies preferred mining hardware is needed. Sticking within the top 100 rankings for market cap might be one of the safest routes to go as it kind of shows signs the coin has an active community.

Check out this link to see Coin Market Cap Mineable Coins 

Reddit– This one should be of no surprise as its been an excellent resource for so many different things. What you want to do with the information you find here is cross-referenced with multiple sources like Bitcointalk as some posts are just spam.

Google Filter Search for Reddit New PoW Coins

PickAxe Mining Pool-If you don’t have much time to do research but still insist on mining something new then this is your best option. The people at this mining pool go above and beyond to protect miners from mining unpromising coins.

You can check out their discord server below where they have great support as well. I also want to mention about PickAxe Shared Masternode website where you participate in earning a passive income in Masternodes. 

Link to PickAxe Mining Pool UPDATE: PickAxe Is No Longer Open

Google Alerts– This tool is an excellent way to get custom notifications delivered to your email anytime a new alert gets triggered. You can set up alerts when a particular website or even several websites get an update based on your selected keywords. You may want to check out this google documentation on search queries, but we made you a few samples to try.

Sample Google Alert for new mineable Pow coins: intitle:( “new pow”) intitle:(PoW | “PoW” | “mineable PoW” | “gpu mineable” | “GPU Mining coin” | new coin to mine )


Use these links to see Google Search populate new mineable coins.

Reddit Google search results for new Pow coins

Bitcointalk Google Search Results for new Pow coins

How to Research New Coins?

There many ways to go about this but the best way we found is by first going too there ANN in Bitcointalk.

Inside the thread should be resource links to just about everything you’ll need but first read through the ANN thread as it tends to leave clues as to whether or not the coin is a complete scam.

After you read through the ANN check out the main website of the project and see if there any errors in grammar or if the website looks poorly managed.

Next, go back to the ANN and look for a link to one of there chats like discord or slack. Once you find the chat server be sure to join and start using the platforms search bar for search terms like “issue” or “problem.”

From here you can get a general idea of how the project’s support team is handling issues as well as what type of problems they’re facing by going at it this way.

If it looks like its an active community and people are getting answers back quickly from support, then you may want to hang out for a few days and do further research.

In the end, these are just a few suggestions to help quickly narrow down up and coming projects that you may want to look into more. Be sure to weary of some of the new mineable master node coins with promises of high rewards as they tend to get oversaturated rather quickly which seems always to dilute the value of the coins.

Are there any cryptocurrencies still mineable with a CPU?

Yes, you can still find a few projects out there to mine with a CPU. Lethean and Yadacoin being the more popular CPU mineable coins we were able to find currently. We’re sure there are many others out there, but it seems some are with inactive communities. Again these can be found using the same methods above.

Google Alert for new mineable CPU coins
New CPU mining Coins

SIDENOTE: If your looking for more information about which cryptocurrencies you can mine with a CPU then be sure to check out our Altcoin CPU mining guide.

Other Related Questions

Can I still mine Ethereum with GPU?

You can still mine Ethereum with a GPU for now. We’re not sure when the set date is for POS yet, but we know it’s coming soon. We do know that a lot of new miners believe that once mining diminishes for Ethereum, GPU mining is over, but there are still lots of other great options.

One that we recently mined was Akroma and was able to obtain a full seat Master Node rather quickly. Not to mention it looks like Ethereum Classic is here to stay at least for now.

Can you still mine Monero with a GPU?

At the current moment, you can still mine Monero with a GPU and CPU even. However, you may want to check the profitability with a tool like Whattomine. If you’re seriously looking into mining Monero, you’re better suited to go with AMD cards for max performance. You may also want to look into mining other cryptoNIGHT algorithm coins like Sumo Coin and Loki Coin.

There has been a recent uptick in new privacy coins coming out recently making it more difficult to keep up with the list. You may want to look into joining some privacy coin groups through social media as most of the followers of these types of coins seem to be informed about the latest privacy coin projects. We hope this helps.

We hope you found this information useful in finding new coins for your mining rig. If you have any other suggestive ways to approach this method, then please don’t be shy and drop us a reply.

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