About Us

Hey! It’s Dustin here coming at you from Crypto Miner Tips HQ.

If you’re here, chances are you’re looking for a way to build some extra income. If you have no idea about bitcoin, that’s okay! 

Back in 2016, I was introduced to this incredible new money-making strategy and it completely blew my mind! At the time, I had no idea about the mining process of bitcoin or even the basic steps to building a computer.

There’s a lot of guides on the internet, but I noticed that there are very few that actually explains how you can learn bitcoin mining. That’s what Crypto Miner Tips is all about. 

When I was a rookie, reading mining guides, there was a lot of chatter about how solving math algorithms could make me money. Although it may have sounded strange at the time, after much research, I was starry-eyed and ready to make a quick buck.

Maybe that’s where you are now?

Through all this research, and still not understanding how a computer worked, my friend Scott (who is a total tech-head!) helped me build my first Bitcoin Mining Rig. That was it, I was addicted. After that, I could build rigs blindfolded with my hands behind my back! Okay, that’s not quite true…

But I did start building rigs and eventually, this worked its way up to becoming what today, is my bitcoin mining farm.

This all quickly escalated into me becoming somewhat of a guru of Bitcoin Mining. Other people started coming to me for advice. Even Scott, my techie friend, started coming to me asking for help! I had no idea what I had started, but I was absolutely engaged.

After helping Scott and some other friends, I wanted to build something bigger. I discovered I had the drive to help as many people learn what I had learned, in an easy to follow way. And that’s where this site was born. 

Get ready for the nerdy bit! Today, my mining farm consists of 35 GPU Mining Rigs and 5 ASIC miners that have been with me through thick, and thin. I’m not here to ask you to pay membership, in fact, I want you to learn this for free and come back to me with your success stories! 

This site is dedicated to teaching you the fundamental steps to becoming a Bitcoin Mining Rockstar!

You’ll learn:

  • What Crypto Mining Is
  • The tips to getting started with Bitcoin Mining
  • If Bitcoin mining is still profitable
  • The Hardware & Software for Bitcoin Mining
  • How to build and set up your very first mining rig.
  • And for those newbies out there, the fundamental steps to Crypto.

Your mining adventure doesn’t stop at this site though.

Make sure that you join my discord for some personal help from me!

Important: My name is “General Bitcorn” in Discord.

P.S. If you’d like to learn more about me personally so that you can rest assured that I’m a real person, check it out here.

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